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Three Emerging Technology Employment Opportunities

Emerging Technology Programs for Texas Colleges: Advanced Digital Manufacturing, Hybrid Vehicles, Micro-Electromechanical Systems, and Computer Forensics

Austin, TX, January 18, 2005-- A new report from Technology Futures, Inc. (TFI), identifies four emerging technologies worthy of detailed analysis, and found three offered promising opportunities for college graduates including advanced digital manufacturing, micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), and computer forensics. Demand for technical careers in the hybrid vehicles industry was found to be limited. TFI and the report's sponsor, Texas State Technical College (TSTC) System, are now making available a COMPLIMENTARY copy of this 76-page report to you and your readers at

The study, "Emerging Technology Programs for Texas Colleges: Advanced Digital Manufacturing, Hybrid Vehicles,Micro- Electromechanical Systems, and Computer Forensics, was written by John H. Vanston, Ph.D. (Chairman, TFI), Henry Elliott (Analyst, TFI), and Michael Bettersworth (Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology Advancement, TSTC). A list of some general observations and a table of contents from the report are presented below.

In discussing the report, lead author John Vanston comments that, "By anticipating and proactively responding to future workforce demands, we can be a constructive force in attracting high-tech companies and ensuring that existing high-tech companies have an appropriately skilled source of employees."

Michael Bettersworth adds, "While this report is designed to assist Texas community and technical college leaders in making decisions about emerging technology educational programs, much of the information, ideas, and concepts presented should be useful to others involved in emerging technology employment opportunities in Texas and elsewhere."

Some of the findings of this report:

Advanced Digital Manufacturing: A process for forming a product using a layered manufacturing process.

Micro-Electromechanical Systems (MEMS): Miniaturized, self-contained systems that integrate electrical and mechanical functionality to sense, process, and act upon information in their environment.

Computer Forensics: The science of using specialized hardware and software to gather, correlate, and analyze information related to computer crime and fraud in a manner consistent with established legal procedures.

Hybrid Vehicles: Vehicles using integrated internal combustion engines and electric motors for power.

We would be very pleased to have the report reviewed by your publication and/or be cited for articles examining the subject matter. TFI and TSTC project participants would also be glad to be interviewed and quoted for articles relating to the subject matter.

Lead author Dr. Vanston has been actively involved in technology management and forecasting for over 25 years. He is an internationally renowned educator, author, and consultant in technology forecasting, technology/market integration, and technology management in uncertain environments.

This project was conducted under TSTC's Programs for Emerging Technologies (PET) which identifies, evaluates, and forecasts potential emerging technology programs.

TSTC is a public coeducational institution of higher education offering courses of study in technical education leading to the award of Certificates and Associate of Applied Science degrees. TSTC also provides technical education and training to business and industry, continuing education to the public, and training programs for community and state economic development. For more information on TSTC and its activities, visit TSTC or call (800) 792-8784.

For over 25 years, TFI has helped organizations plan for the future by offering outstanding technology forecasting, strategic planning, trend analysis, and strategic market research services in high-technology and telecom technologies. Drawing on proven, quantifiable forecasting methods and strategic applications, we combine the vision of the futurist with the down-to-earth judgment of the technologist. Clients have ranged from small start-ups to half of the top 50 technology-oriented Fortune companies, leading government agencies, and top-tier universities. We are "Your Bridge to the Future."

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Please contact Carrie with any questions or to interview Dr. Vanston and/or other participants on this report. Dr. Vanston and the TFI staff are also always happy to comment on technology forecasting principles and technology and telecom trends.

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Emerging Technology Programs for Texas Colleges: Advanced Digital Manufacturing, Hybrid Vehicles, Micro-Electromechanical Systems, and Computer Forensics

Table of Contents

List of Appendices
List of Figures
List of Tables
Executive Summary
Introduction & Background
--The Program for Emerging Technologies (PET) Process
--Current Analyses
--Future Activities Advanced Digital Manufacturing
--Overview of ADM
--ADM Technology Review
--ADM Applications
--ADM Industry Trends
--ADM and the Role of Colleges
--Existing ADM College Programs
--ADM Employment Opportunities
--Conclusions and Recommendations to Colleges Hybrid Vehicles
--Overview of Hybrid Vehicles
--Hybrid Vehicles Technology Review
--Hybrid Vehicle Configurations
--Hybrid Vehicle Production
--Hybrid Vehicle Industry Trends
--Hybrid Vehicles and the Role of Colleges
--Employment Opportunities
--Conclusions and Recommendations to Colleges
Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems
--Overview of MEMS
--MEMS Technology Review
--MEMS Applications
--MEMS Industry Trends
--MEMS and the Role of Colleges
--Existing MEMS College Programs and Courses
--Special FactorsTexas Colleges
--MEMS Employment Opportunities
--MEMS Conclusions and Recommendations to Colleges
Computer Forensics
--Overview of Computer Forensics
--Computer Forensics Technology Review
--Computer Forensics Principles
--Computer Forensics Applications
--Industry Trends
--Computer Forensics and the Role of Colleges
--Special FactorsTwo-Year College Programs in Texas
--Computer Forensics Employment Opportunities
--Conclusions and Recommendations to Colleges
--Selected Technologies
--Identification and Selection Processes
--Scope of Analyses
--Scope of Analyses
--Analyses Updating
--Technology Grouping
Appendix A: Conclusions
Appendix B: References
Appendix C: Experts Interviewed
Appendix D: Emerging Technologies Considered
Appendix E: Technology Index and Classification
Appendix F: Final Selection Process
Appendix G: Vendors, Manufacturers & Associations
Appendix H: Current Programs

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