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New Report Co-Authored by Technology Futures, Inc.

Mechatronics, A Technology Forecast

AUSTIN, TX, November 2007--Mechatronics involves the integration of mechanical and electrical systems with control systems and information technology. These "intelligent mechanical systems" are the foundation of many 21st century enabling technologies. This 130-page publication, Mechatronics, A Technology Forecast, co-authored by Technology Futures, Inc. (TFI) staff, includes an overview of mechatronic technology and analysis of related occupations and salaries, inventory of existing mechatronic curriculum and considerations for colleges considering developing related programs, and lists of industry experts and mechatronics companies. A COMPLIMENTARY copy of the report is available to you and your readers at

Discussing the report, TFI co-author John H. Vanston, Ph.D. states, "Given today's increasing convergence of technologies in both the product and process areas, the value of employees having multiple skills has become more and more evident. However, in many cases, employers depend on their employees gaining these multiple skills through informal "on-the-job" training. In reality, formal mechatronics training can provide the needed skills in a much more timely and effective manner."

The report was sponsored by the Texas State Technical College (TSTC).

A Sampling of Key Findings:

A table of contents is available below this press release.

We would be pleased to have this report reviewed by your publication and/or be cited for articles examining the subject matter. The TFI co-authors, John Vanston, Ph.D. and and Henry Elliott (Research Analyst, TFI), would also be glad to be interviewed and quoted for articles relating to the subject matter.

TFI co-author Dr. Vanston has been actively involved in technology management and forecasting for over 35 years. He is an internationally renowned educator, author, and consultant in technology forecasting, technology/market integration, and technology management in uncertain environments.

TFI co-author Henry Elliott has participated in many emerging technology studies and strategic market analyses.

This project was conducted under TSTC's Programs for Emerging Technologies (PET) which identifies, evaluates, and forecasts potential emerging technology programs. For more on the program and an excerpt describing PET, please see

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PRESS CONTACT: Please contact Ms. Carrie Vanston at (800) TEK-FUTR, (512) 258-8898, or with questions about the report and/or to arrange an interview with Dr. Vanston or Mr. Elliott. They and the TFI staff are also always happy to comment on technology forecasting principles and technology and telecom trends. A COMPLIMENTARY copy of this 130-page report is available at

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November 2007
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New Report Co-Authored by Technology Futures, Inc.

Mechatronics, A Technology Forecast

Table of Contents:

Chapter One: Recommendations
Chapter Two: Overview of Mechatronics
Chapter Three: Mechatronics Techniques
Chapter Four: Initiating Mechatronics Programs in Texas Colleges
Chapter Five: Support for Mechatronics Program Development
Chapter Six: Conclusions

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