10th Annual TFI Communications Technology Asset Valuation Conference


Paul Tucker

Independent Assessor

Paul TuckerPaul Tucker has been Property Tax Manager for Verizon Communications, American Tower Corporation and SBA Communications. For Verizon, Paul had primary responsibility for oversight of property tax appeals in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas. At American Tower, Paul specialized in developing valuation models and for real and personal property and identifying, pursuing, and managing assessment appeal opportunities nationwide. This required a working knowledge of property tax laws as well as understanding state and local assessment practices.

At SBA Communications, the third largest tower aggregator located in Boca Raton, FL, Paul added compliance, audit, and landowner relations to his valuation and appeal responsibilities. Paul has appeared before numerous Boards of Tax Appeal, has co-authored papers on valuation issues, and presented at the Institute for Professionals in Taxation Symposium.

Paul most recently worked on a revaluation for the Town of Lexington MA. Paul is a former Assistant Assessor for the City of Boston, responsible for valuation, and handling associated appeals.

He is licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a real estate appraiser with 29 years experience performing appraisals for banks, mortgage companies, and government agencies, as well as a Real Estate Broker for 40 years.

Paul is also a member of the IAAO and American Society of Appraisers. Prior to his career in real estate, Paul worked for Bank of Boston in Information Systems as an auditor and programmer, and Deposit Operations as budget and systems analyst, and administrative assistant.