12th Annual TFI Communications Technology Asset Valuation Conference

Wireless Industry Panelist

Steven Ingram

Steven Ingram

Manager, Property Tax, CenturyLink

2+ years experience in the property tax group at CenturyLink.  As property tax manager, responsibilities include overseeing compliance, valuation negotiations, bill payments, property tax planning and strategy in various states.

Prior to joining the property tax group, spent 8 years in the transaction tax group at CenturyLink in a variety of roles.  Responsibilities included overseeing the tax billing systems to insure accurate taxation of the various services CTL offers to our customers.  Additionally, worked on the various billing system conversions related to the multiple mergers CTL entered into.

Professional memberships include: Louisiana Association of Tax Representatives (LATR), Missouri-Arkansas Association of Tax Representatives, Oklahoma Association of Tax Representatives (OATR), Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT), Western States Association of Tax Representatives (WSATR), COST.

Past speaker at Wichita Appraisal for Ad Valorem Taxation Conference.