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Digital Regions Seminar

Public Private Strategies for IT-Cluster Development

Presented by: World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT)

Organized by: IC2 Institute at the University of Texas, The City of Austin, & the Technopolicy Network, Netherland

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May 1-2, 2006

Thompson Conference Center, The University of Texas at Austin
2405 Robert Dedman Drive
Austin, Texas 78712

David Smith, Vice President, Technology Futures, Inc., is:
Panel Chair: Public Private Partnerships for Cluster Development
Speaking on: Austin and Texas In Transition: A New Way of Looking at the Future Economy

Digital Regions Seminar:

In the global knowledge economy, developed and developing regions worldwide are being challenged, as never before, to strengthen and sustain their economies by stimulating innovation, entrepreneurship and cluster development. Many regions focus on information technology as a key enabler in this endeavour. This seminar will present informative case examples, from Asia, Latin America, the EU and the US, of successful and challenged Public-Private Strategies for Cluster Development in the Global Knowledge Economy.

Issues on the Agenda:

Day One: Learning from the Austin Experience Day Two: Expanding Digital Regions in a Flat World

Seminar Price: $550

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Note: The Digital Regions Seminar will take place in the context of the World Congress on Information Technology, the premier Information Technology forum. Seminar participants are invited to register for WCIT2006 at an exclusive discount. For more information about the WCIT2006, please see the brochure.


Austin, Texas is internationally known for its accelerated technology based economic development from 1985 to 2006, based on exceptional academic-business-government collaboration. The region has managed to consistently outperform national growth levels and has been listed as a top region for entrepreneurship (Fortune Magazine), business development (Forbes Magazine) and was rated the top of the Richard Florida index of creative cities.