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Future Technologies Conference II

Sponsored by the National Nuclear Security Administration
Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC USA
October 11-13, 2006

David Smith, Vice President, Technology Futures, Inc.
Keynote Speaker

"Future Trends, Technology, and Innovation: The Enablers for Transformation"

Future Technologies Conference II:

The National Nuclear Security Administration's Future Technologies Conference will be a forum centered on new and emerging technologies, manufacturing methods, and business practices to enable the Weapons Complex to successfully execute its mission and support its defense and national security partners. Future success requires: Responsiveness (agility and speed) to meet mission requirements; adaptability to successfully address changing requirements; reducing the cost to perform the required design and manufacturing tasks; providing the required capabilities while reducing the size and investment in the Weapons Complex infrastructure; and, delivering products at the best value (to the "right" requirements, when needed, at the best cost).

Keynote Speaker David Smith:
"Future Trends, Technology, and Innovation: The Enablers for Transformation
Thursday, October 12, 2006
8:15 AM -- 9:45 AM

Mr. Smith is a noted futurist and technologist with over 30 years of experience, Mr. Smith combines these disciplines to deliver thought-provoking presentations that provide the vision of the futurist with the down-to-earth judgement of the technologist. He is highly regarded as a speaker on subjects relating to the technology trends that affect organizations now, in the near future and in the distant future. His dynamic keynote presentations are popular at conferences and leadership meetings around the world. He also regularly presents and teaches at university, industry, and conference events.

Mr. Smith has worked extensively during the last 30 years in the private and public sectors, offering consulting expertise in technology transfer, strategic and technology planning, communications, roadmapping, consortia startup and management, and collaborative alliances.

Recent keynote speeches include the U.S. Senate Conference on Emerging Technology, Information Management Forum, CIO Leadership Conference, 7-11, the Chevron-Texaco Visioning Conference, the Lockheed-Martin Technology Leadership Conference, and Kodak's Global Leadership Forum. Recent broadcasts of National Public Radio (NPR) and issues of BusinessWeek, American Demographics, and Intel's Circuit News prominently featured his views on technology trends.


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