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Product and Technology Roadmapping:

Linking Markets, Products and Technology

August 8-9, 2005

Chicago, Illinois


Conducted by:Technology Futures, Inc. and
The Management Roundtable

Led by: David Smith, Vice President, TFI

Additional Presenters:
John Vanston, Ph.D., Chairman, TFI
Bill Kleinebecker, Senior Consultant, TFI

A practical, two-day workship on how to develop, implement and execute strategic roadmaps to align company strategy and technological capabilities.

Special $200 Discount Offered to TFI Website Visitors. Registration Code "TFI"*

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How well does your company align its pipeline of incoming technologies with product gaps and emerging market needs to create innovative new products?

In order to react swiftly to evolving market needs, more companies are relying on product and technology roadmaps to help balance day-to-day R&D activities with future needs and trends. However, making roadmaps actionable is often a challenge. Companies have difficulty at the onset where they often fail to select the right type(s) of roadmap (or combinations of roadmaps), involve the appropriate staff and provide the right level of detail.

To help you avoid some of the common pitfalls in establishing a robust roadmapping capability within your company, Technology Futures, Inc. and Management Roundtable are pleased to announce the new seminar:

Product and Technology Roadmapping: Linking Markets, Products and Technology
August 8-9, 2005
Registration code "TFI" for $200 discount (Not to be combined with any other offer. Good until day of seminar.)
Chicago Marriott Downtown
Chicago, Illinois

This exclusive session, led by technology forecasting and management expert, David Smith, TFI Vice President, with presenters John Vanston, Ph.D., TFI Chairman, and Bill Kleinebecker, TFI Senior Consultant, will examine the latest tools, strategies, fundamental frameworks and success factors to develop, implement and execute product and technology roadmaps. By participating in this seminar, you will learn:

Through lecture, facilitated Q&A, case examples of roadmapping successes (and failures) and multiple networking opportunities, this seminar will provide you with a step-by-step process to successfully develop, implement and execute strategic roadmaps in your company and ensure that the right market opportunities are no longer overlooked.

To reserve your place at this exciting new seminar, call (800) 338-2223, fill out the registration form on the seminar brochure, or sign up online.

* Be sure to use the registration code "TFI" for a $200 discount! (Not to be combined with other discounts.) The discount is available right up until the first day of the event.

We hope you will join us in Chicago this summer for what promises to be a hands-on, productive session!

For more information about our work in this area, please see our forecasting page and our White Paper entitled Strategic Roadmapping. To receive notice of future seminars, click here.