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New Telecom Report by Technology Futures, Inc.

Assessment of Wireless Broadband as a Competitor to Wireline Broadband

AUSTIN, TX, December 19, 2006--Technology Futures, Inc.(TFI) predicts wireless broadband can be economically deployed on a reasonably large scale--perhaps 20% of households--to offer the types of broadband services that DSL and cable modems offer now:  that is, speeds in the range 1 Mb/s and relatively bursty traffic. The report, Assessment of Wireless Broadband as a Competitor to Wireline Broadband, by Lawrence K. Vanston, Ph.D. (President, TFI), provides an independent assessment of the potential for wireless broadband to compete with residential broadband services offered by incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) and cable companies.

Discussing the report, Dr. Vanston states, "Over the next 10 years, we expect that residential broadband will migrate to very-high-speed (VHS) broadband, with much higher data rates (24Mb/s and above) and much more continuous traffic, such as video. Until significantly more spectrum is allocated, it will be difficult for wireless to compete with wireline for VHS broadband on a large scale."

The research was sponsored by the Telecommunications Technology Forecasting Group (TTFG), a consortium of telephone companies comprised of AT&T, Bell Canada, BellSouth Telecommunications, Qwest, and Verizon.

Key Findings from Assessment of Wireless Broadband as a Competitor to Wireline Broadband:

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A table of contents follows this press release.

We would be pleased to have this report reviewed by your publication and/or be cited for articles examining the subject matter. Dr. Vanston would also be glad to be interviewed and quoted for articles relating to the subject matter.

Author Lawrence K. Vanston, Ph.D., is an internationally- recognized authority in the use of technology forecasting in the telecom industry. His research reports and forecasts are used and referenced extensively worldwide. The September 21, 1998 issue of The Wall Street Journal featured an in-depth interview entitled "Consultant's Call: Lawrence Vanston Makes Some Pretty Bold Predictions for the Future of Telecommunications. He Has Been Right Before." Notably, the predictions therein have likewise come true.

For 28 years, TFI has helped organizations plan for the future by offering outstanding technology forecasting, strategic planning, trend analysis, and strategic market research services and publications in high-technology and telecom technologies. Drawing on proven, quantifiable forecasting methods and strategic applications, we combine the vision of the futurist with the down-to- earth judgment of the technologist. Let us be "Your Bridge to the Future."

We are always happy to comment on the subjects of technology and telecom trends. For a list of many of the citations by our staff members, please see TFI News.

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New Telecom Report by Technology Futures, Inc.

Assessment of Wireless Broadband as a Competitor to Wireline Broadband

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introduction and Summary
Chapter 2: Radio Frequencies for Wireless Broadband
Chapter 3: Key Factors in Wireless Broadband Systems
Chapter 4: Cost Elements for Wireless Broadband
Chapter 5: Cost per Subscriber Assuming All Indoor Antennas
Chapter 6: Cost per Subscriber Assuming All Outdoor Antennas
Chapter 7: Conclusions

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