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Biotechnology: A Guide to Business and Workplace Development

AUSTIN, TX, May 25, 2006--According to a new report by forecasting and market research leader Technology Futures, Inc., biotech offers a promising array of opportunities for individuals and small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individuals seeking employment. The most promising areas are bioinstrumentation, bioinformatics, DNA and human health, and bioagriculture. Government-sponsored funding of biotech research, and the availability of financial resources and financial incentives for private biotech enterprise development, are rated as the most critical factors to the success of a biotech effort. (See TFI chart.)

"Biotechnology: A Guide to Business and Workplace Development," is authored by John H. Vanston, Ph.D. (Chairman, TFI) and Henry Elliott, M.S. (Research Analyst, TFI), with funding for the underlying research by The Texas State Technical College System. The report gives a detailed overview and analysis of employment opportunities, drivers for success, funding sources, potential buyers and sellers, and research and commercialization opportunities. It includes direct input from experts currently working in the biotech area.

Discussing the report, lead author Dr. Vanston states, "Almost daily, new developments in biotech enable improvements in medicine, health, agricultural products, and production efficiencies. Because of this environment of new products and services, biotech offers a wide array of opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individuals seeking interesting and meaningful employment. This report provides information and guidance for both groups."

Key Findings: This report will be of interest to:

A table of contents and featured graph follow this press release.

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Lead author Dr. Vanston has been actively involved in technology management and forecasting for over 30 years. He is an internationally renowned educator, author, and consultant in technology forecasting, technology/market integration, and technology management in uncertain environments. His full bio can be found at

Co-author Henry Elliott has participated in many emerging technology studies and strategic market analyses. His bio is available at

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May 2006
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New Report by Technology Futures, Inc.

Biotechnology: A Guide to Business and Workplace Development

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Biotech Basics
Chapter 2: Special Biotech Fields
Chapter 3: Employment Opportunities for Biotechnologists
Chapter 4: Lessons for Emerging Biotech Entities
Chapter 5: The Future of Biotechnology
Appendix A: Biotech Experts Consulted
Appendix B: Biotech Experts Meeting
Appendix C: References

Featured Graph

Importance of Various Factors to Biotech Company Success

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