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Nanotechnology: A Technology Forecast

AUSTIN, Texas, September 30, 2003--Today, there is scarcely any subject that elicits more interest and excitement in the knowledgeable general public and business and technology sectors than nanotechnology. In fact, the National Science Foundation projects that nanotechnology will become a trillion dollar industry by 2015. So what is the current state of the nanotechnology? What factors might accelerate or deter development of nanotech markets? What career opportunities are available?

Nanotechnology: A Technology Forecast, written by John H. Vanston, Ph.D. (Chairman, Technology Futures, Inc. [TFI]) and Henry Elliott (Consultant, TFI), and sponsored by the Texas State Technical Colleges (TSTC), offers answers to these questions and more. The 98-page report is available to you and your readers for FREE at the TSTC Website.

The first part of the report focuses primarily on two-year colleges in Texas and discusses career potential and opportunities in the nanotech field. The rest of the report lends itself as a resource to a much broader-based audience.

According to lead author John Vanston, "Although the exact nature and size of potential nanotech markets are unclear at this time, there is little doubt that these new technologies promise almost unlimited business and associated employment opportunities. Moreover, these opportunities could expand very rapidly if technology breakthroughs, now envisioned, are, indeed, realized."

Michael Bettersworth, Associate Vice Chancellor for Technology Advancement with TSTC, adds, "We hope this report provides insights and data useful in identifying and initiating new technology-related programs in the field of nanotechnology."

Key Findings:

A FREE copy of the report is available to you and your readers at the TSTC Website. A table of contents follows this press release.

We would be very pleased to have the report reviewed by your publication. TFI and TSTC participants would also be happy to discuss and comment on the material. A table of contents follows this press release.

Dr. Vanston has been actively involved in technology management and forecasting for over 25 years. He is an internationally renowned educator, author, and consultant in technology forecasting, technology/market integration, and technology management in uncertain environments.

Mr. Elliott works in the areas of nanotechnology, materials science, and technology forecasting. Prior to joining TFI, he co-founded Nanotechnologies, Inc., an Austin-based nanomaterials company.

For 25 years Technology Futures, Inc. has helped organizations plan for the future. Drawing on proven, quantifiable forecasting methods and strategic applications correlated with our signature Five Views of the Futures(TM) Strategic Analysis Framework, we customize our approach to the technology, financial, and marketing issues facing our clients. Our services include consulting, research, and education.

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Nanotechnology: A Technology Forecast

Table of Contents
Overall Conclusions
Nanotechnology Workforce Issues
Training Strategies for Community and Technical Colleges
Current Texas Nanotechnology Activities
Research Consortia
-Universities and University Consortia
-Nanotech Companies in Texas
-Coordinating Groups
-Other Nanotech Activities
-Current Challenges
Nanotechnology State of the Art
Instrumentation, Tools, and Computer Simulation
-Electronics/Information Technologies and Optical Applications
-Life Sciences
Nanotechnology Forecasts
-Forecast of Commercialization
Forecast Underpinnings
-Forecasting Methodologies
-Fundamental Driving Forces
-Projections of Organizations
-Projections of Individuals or Companies
Potential Impacting Forces
List of Exhibits
1. Comparative Per Capita Nanotechnology Spending
2. Scanning Tunneling Microscope Image
3. Microscope-Based Optical Tweezers
4. Nanomanipulator Inside Scanning Electron Microscope
5. Schematic Representation of a Carbon Nanotube
6. Soft Lithography
7. The Worlds Smallest Guitar
8. Quantum Dots
9. Responsive Therapeutic Systems
10. Commercialization Realization Timeline
11. Fullerene Prices (2000-2005)
12. Nanotube Papers and Patent Applications
13. Potential Development Timeline
14. Nanotechnology Development Plans
A. Venture Capitalists at NanoVentures 2003
B. Employment Opportunities in the Nanotechnology Field
C. Nanotechnology Classification Schemes
D. Comparative Nanotechnology Expenditures
E. Nominal Group Conference Participants
F. List of Nominal Group Events
G. Nominal Group Rating Instructions
H. Nominal Group Results