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New Process for Forecasting Emerging Technologies

AUSTIN-January 29, 2003--Technology Futures, Inc. (TFI) and the Texas State Technical Colleges (TSTC) System announce a new process, Programs for Emerging Technologies, to improve an organization's economic and technological competitiveness by identifying emerging technologies and then forecasting their related technology advances, market development, and employment opportunities. Although developed to assist Texas community and technical colleges in curricula development, the concepts and process can also be applied by organizations seeking emerging-technology programs for new growth opportunities. A free download of the PET process is available at

The PET process utilizes existing data sources and targeted surveys to reveal key indicators of promising emerging-technology programs. According to Dr. John Vanston, Chairman of TFI, "Ideally, a program is put into place where the PET process evolves into long-term mechanism for keeping a competitive edge in a market area."

PET is comprised of three essential components:

  1. Identifying promising emerging-technology program areas.
  2. Conducting meaningful technology forecasts for the identified technologies.
  3. Disseminating resulting findings and technology forecasts to the stakeholders to promote informed and proactive decision making.

Emerging-technology program indicators are broken into three categories: defined, definable, and undefined. Specific indicators, methodologies, and data sources for each category are then identified and explained. The identification process involves logical, structured, transparent mechanisms that can be moderated by subjective judgement. A select number of likely promising technologies are picked for which forecasts are conducted.

The next phase involves detailed technical forecasts based on these results. The fundamental purpose of formal technology forecasting is to project the nature, timing, and implications of advances in technology. This will identify those areas of technology that have the highest probability of providing profitable opportunities for organizations.

Findings are then disseminated to stakeholders to promote informed and proactive decision making.

Perhaps an article on the PET concepts and process might be of interest to your readers. Dr. John Vanston, co-designer of the process, together with Michael Bettersworth, Lawrence Grulick, and Leslie McCallister of TSTC, would be happy to speak with you about the PET process further.

A free download of PET is available at

Dr. Vanston has been actively involved in technology management and forecasting for over 25 years. He is an internationally renowned educator, author, and consultant in technology forecasting, technology/market integration, and technology management in uncertain environments.

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Please contact Ms. Carrie Vanston with any questions or to interview Dr. Vanston and the other PET creators. Dr. Vanston and the TFI staff are also available to comment on technology forecasting principles and technology and telecom trends. If you need assistance immediately and Ms. Vanston is unavailable, please contact the corporate offices in Austin at (512) 258-8898 or (800) 835-3887.

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