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AVS Cover

Advanced Video Services
Analysis and Forecasts for Terrestrial Service Providers

Lawrence K. Vanston, Curt Rogers, & Ray L. Hodges

Description  [back to top]

This report updates TFI's 1992 report, Telecommunications for Television/Advanced Television: Forecasts of Markets and Technologies. Don't miss this opportunity to get the latest edition of the forecasts used by industry insiders when they want an informed, independent assessment of future technology and market change.

Rapid change driven by the increasing integration of three dynamic industries -- television, computers, and telecommunications -- is creating a new industry: advanced video services (AVS). Focused on consumer-oriented television services, this report examines the services, the providers, and the technologies of AVS.

This in-depth research report forecasts the availability and adoption of AVS, particularly by the terrestrial cable and telephone networks. Included are likely technology adoption strategies of some newcomers to the video industry -- the local telephone companies -- and assessments of the impact on their existing networks.

Key Findings From This Latest TFI Report  [back to top]

Table of Contents  [back to top]

Chapter One
Introduction and Summary
The Video Services Market
Terrestrial Video Services Networks
The Cable Television Network of the Future
The Telephone Network of the Future
Forecasts for Advanced Video Services
Forecasts of AVS Availability and Adoption
HDTV AVS Adoption
Forecasts for the Modernization of Terrestrial Networks
Investment Requirements for Local Telephone Networks
Chapter Two
Video Services
Video On Demand (VOD)
Near Video On Demand (NVOD)
NVOD Trials and Deployment
Pay-Per-View (PPV)
Future Growth
Interactive Games
Alliances Between Platform Game System Developers and ITV Providers
Sega of America, Time Warner, TCI
Atari, Time Warner
Nintendo, GTE
ODS Technologies, TKR Cable
Transactional Services
Home Shopping
Distance Learning and Training
Examples of Networks and Services in the Private Sector
Chapter Three
Video Network Services Providers
The New Competitive Environment
Cable Television Operators
Telephone Companies
Telco Strategies
Wireless Cable Television Operators
Direct Broadcast Satellite Operators
Broadcast Television
Electric Utilities
Chapter Four
Video Services Network
A Brief Review of Video Signals
The Traditional Cable Network
The Headend
The Trunk and Feeder Network
The Subscriber Drop
Customer Premises Equipment
Hubs and Supertrunks
The Traditional Telephone Network
Cable TV and Telephone Video Networks: Convergence or Divergence?
The Cable Television Network of the Future
The Telephone Network of the Future
Switched Digital Video
Costs for Network Alternatives
Chapter Five
Forecasts for Advanced Video Services
Forecast of AVS Adoption
Terrestrial AVS Availability
HDTV Adoption
HDTV AVS Adoption
Terrestrial HDTV AVS Availability
Chapter Six
Forecasts for the Modernization of Local Telephone Networks
Scenarios for the Adoption of Fiber in the Loop
Impact on the Existing Telephone Network
Investment Requirements for Local Telephone Networks
Appendix A
NVOD: The 500-Channel Environment
Appendix B
Equipment Providers

List of Exhibits  [back to top]

1.1A Classification of Video Services by Customer Interface
1.2A Framework for the Video Services Market
1.3Issues in the Video Services Market
1.4Forecast for the Adoption and Availability of AVS
1.5Forecasts for the Adoption and Availability of HAVS
1.6Forecasts for LEC Fiber Availability
2.1A Classification of Video Services by Customer Interface
2.2Alternative Paths for Video Games
3.1Total Revenues of Video Services Providers -- 1994
3.2Top 20 Cable Networks
3.3Cluster Sizes
3.4Top 10 Cable MSOs -- 1994
3.5New Content Companies
3.6Residential Broadband Trials
3.7Residential Broadband Deployment
3.8Suppliers for Residential Broadband Trials and Deployment
3.9Top U.S. Wireless Cable Operators
3.10U.S. DBS Players
3.11Broadcast Network Revenues -- 1994
4.1Comparison of Traditional Networks and Terminology
4.2Traditional Cable Network: Tree and Branch Architecture
4.3Cable Television Microwave Hub System
4.4CATV Fiber-to-the-Feeder: Star-Bus Architecture
4.5Cable Industry: Percentage of Backbone Converted to Fiber
4.6Traditional Telephone Network: Star Architecture
4.7Telco Fiber-in-the-Feeder: Carrier Serving Areas
4.8Future Cable Television Network: Star-Star-Bus Architecture
4.9Fiber and ADSL Supporting Video Dialtone Delivery
4.10Future FTTC Telephone Local Loop Network: Star-Star-Star Architecture
4.11Hybrid Fiber Coax Versus Fiber-to-the-Curb
5.1The Gompertz Model
5.2Historical Analogies Used to Drive the Forecast of AVS Adoption
5.3Forecast for the Adoption of AVS
5.4The Fisher-Pry Model
5.5The Relationship Between Availability, Adoption, and Take Rate for Pay Cable
5.6Historical Analogies Used to Define the Adoption/Availability Relationship
5.7Forecast for the Adoption and Availability of AVS
5.8Forecast for the Adoption of HDTV Sets
5.9Comparison of AVS and HAVS Adoption Forecasts
5.10Forecast for the Adoption and Availability of Terrestrial HAVS
5.11Summary of Forecast Statistics
6.1Forecasts for Fiber Availability
6.21995 Fiber Adoption Scenarios
6.3Loop Copper Cable Survivors
6.4Copper Cable Survivors for 1995 Fiber Adoption Scenarios
6.5Fiber Additions as a Percentage of Total Access Lines
6.6Annual LEC Residential Investment
6.7Assumptions for Investment Estimates
6.8Investment Over Normal for Fiber and AVS Upgrade
6.9Annual Investment Over Normal
6.10Cumulative Investment Over Normal
A.1A Simple NVOD Example
B.1Who's Manufacturing Hybrid/Coax Transmission Equipment -- 1994
B.2Residential Broadband Networks
B.3Present and Probable Suppliers of Set-Top Boxes

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Published 1995, 132 pages, Bound Softcover, Sponsored by the TTFG, ISBN 1-884154-13-1

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