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CTT Cover

Computer Technology Trends
Analysis and Forecasting

Adrian J. Poitras & Ray L. Hodges

Description  [back to top]

Computer Technology Trends provides an overview for non-technical managers who want to understand the nature of technology and market changes in computers.

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Table of Contents  [back to top]

Chapter One: Intoduction and Summary
The Future of Computing
Summary and Forecasts
Chapter Two: Technologies, Enablers, and Trends
Semiconductor Technology
Digital Signal Processors
Storage Technology
Magnetic Tape
Magnetic Disk Drives
Optical Disk Drives
Semiconductor Storage
Input/Output Devices
Keyboards and Touch Technologies
Video/Audio Input
Display Screens
Digital Data Communications
Private Line
Digital Subscriber Line
Frame Relay/SMDS
Imaging and Document Management
Mobile Computing
Operating Systems and Software Technology
Electronic Commerce
Other Technological Issues
Infrared Data
Ubiquitous Computing
Teraflop Computers
Chapter Three: Computer Platforms
Mainframe Computers
Mid-range Computers
Personal Computers
Chapter Four: Computer Lives and Depreciation Requirements
Valuation Based on Price/Performance
Salvage Value
Technology Forecasting Life Cycles
Depreciation Practices of Other Companies
Summary of Recommended Lives for Computer Assets
Appendix: The National Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors

List of Exhibits  [back to top]

2.1Dimensions Versus Performance
2.2Moore's Law Versus Projected Transistors per Chip and Roadmap Compared with Moore's Law
2.3State-of-the-Art Microprocessors--Workstations
2.4Average Cost of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM)
2.5Disk Drive Technology Forecast--Major Market Units
2.6The Three Waves of Client/Server
2.7Worldwide Content Software Revenues
2.8Multimedia PCs
2.9Sales of Intranet Versus Internet Servers
3.1Computer System Costs by Platform
4.1Economic Value and Economic Remaining Life Based on Moore's Law
4.2Economic Value and Economic Remaining Life Based on the Roadmap
4.3AmCoEx Index of Used Computer Prices
4.4Desktop Workers PC Technology Market Shares
4.51994 Depreciation Levels of Computer Companies
4.6Computer Economic Remaining Lives
A.1Overall Roadmap Technology Characteristics

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Published 1996, Bound Softcover, 63 pages, Sponsored by the TTFG, ISBN 1-884154-06-9

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