Transforming the Local Exchange Network: Sixth Edition

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Transforming the Local Exchange Network: Sixth Edition

By Lawrence K. Vanston, Ph.D. & Ray L. Hodges


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This report presents the latest TFI forecasts covering switching, circuit equipment, metallic cable, and fiber cable. The report also includes TFI's latest recommendations on depreciation lives for local exchange telephone plant, focusing on legacy assets. The recommendations take into account technology displacement and loss of access lines due to competition.

What You Will Gain [back to top

  • Analysis and quantification of access line loss occurring in the local exchange and its resulting stranding of plants.
  • Forecasts of the transition from a narrowband network of circuit switches and copper cables to a broadband network of packet switches and fiber optics.
  • Description of what the new network will look like and the combination of services it will offer.
  • Forecasts of how quickly technology change and access line losses will affect obsolescence and reduce the lives of telecommunications equipment.

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  • Local exchange carriers
  • Depreciation professionals
  • Property tax professionals
  • Regulatory personnel
  • Telecom equipment manufacturers

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Acknowledgements iii
Chapter 1: Introduction and Summary
Chapter 2: Losses in ILEC Access Lines and DSL Connections
Chapter 3: Broadband Data Rates
Chapter 4: VHS Broadband Deployment

Chapter 5: The Transfer of Legacy Services to VHS Broadband Facilities

Chapter 6: Metallic Cable
Chapter 7: Non-Metallic Cable
Chapter 8: Switching Equipment
Chapter 9: Circuit Equipment
Chapter 10: Summary
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July 16, 2013, 80 pages

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