Expert Testimony

TFI has provided expert witness testimony in over 45 North American jurisdictions. Much of this testimony involves telecommunications technology, technology forecasting, asset valuation, and economic depreciation lives in regulatory, property tax, income tax, and bankruptcy proceedings. Often, these cases revolve around the need to properly gauge the impact of rapidly evolving technology, intense competition, and physical deterioration on asset lives and valuations.

Clients typically use TFI Expert Witness Testimony to:

  • Support economic lives used to price unbundled network elements (UNEs).
  • Obtain fair property tax valuations for assets subject to rapid obsolescence.
  • Determine equipment lives and valuations for bankruptcy hearings.
  • Support deprecation lives for regulated rate-making proceedings.
  • Determine fair market values and asset lives related to income taxation.

Clients using TFI Expert Witness Testimony include ACS, CTC Communications Group, Sprint/Nextel, Quest, SureWest, and AT&T.

If you believe TFI can be of assistance to you in the Expert Witness area, please contact us by telephone at (512) 258-8898 or (800) TEK-FUTR, by fax at (512) 258-0087, or by e-mail at We welcome your inquiries.



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