About TFI

Nature of Services

The nature of Technology Futures' services is well reflected in our company name:

  • We focus on technology in the broadest sense of the word. We intimately understand technology from computers and communications to software and business processes. Our work concentrates on the market and business implications of technology change, including cross-industry interactions.
  • We emphasize the future. The ever-increasing rate of technical advance means your organization must be able to look beyond current technologies to the next generation, and to the generation that follows. This ability of seeing beyond the horizon permits smooth transitions from the present to the near future to the more distant future.

A key to our success is our use of innovative strategic analysis frameworks developed by Technology Futures over 30 years. These frameworks, including our signature framework, Five Views of the Future, enhance our ability to use a large array of forecasting methods to assist our customers with individualized services to meet their specific needs.

Special TFI Characteristics

Characteristics of Technology Futures and our services that differentiate us from most other consulting firms include the following:

  • Focus on the Future: Our consulting, research, and education services are strongly focused on the future, providing our customers with the ability to take fullest advantage not only of currently emerging technologies, but also of those that are beyond the horizon.
  • Balanced Perspectives: Our services provide a carefully considered balance between technical, market, and business perspectives. We use proprietary techniques to ensure that each of these factors is given appropriate attention and that these factors are integrated intelligently.
  • Experienced Staff: Technology Futures' staff has extensive experience in a wide range of areas of importance to our customers. Every member of Technology Futures' senior staff has at least 20 years experience in commercial companies, government organizations, or both. Perhaps more important, these people play major roles in all Technology Futures projects. You will not have a senior person selling you services and then have less experienced people actually providing the services.
  • Tools and Techniques: Our innovative strategic analysis frameworks, including our signature framework, Five Views of the Future, allow us to take maximum advantage of a large assortment of tools and methods that we have developed or adapted over 30 years. Moreover, because of our extensive experience in the use of these tools and methods, we know when and how each of these methods can be used most effectively.
  • Clear Objectives: Before we begin any project, we assure that the objectives of the project are clearly defined and understood. Moreover, we determine beforehand how success in meeting these objectives will be measured so that customer satisfaction can be guaranteed.
  • Contacts: Our staff is closely allied with a wide variety of individuals and organizations with whom we have coordinated and cooperated in the past. This provides us with a strong knowledge and experience base outside our own organization.

Technology Futures combines the vision of the futurist with the down-to-earth judgment of the analyst to assist our customers in building "bridges to the future."