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Lawrence Vanston, Ph.D., President, John Vanston, Ph.D., Chairman, Technology Futures, Inc. Dear Colleague,

The clearer our vision of the approximate future, the more likely we are to make optimal strategic business decisions today and tomorrow. Understanding the future better than others offers you the opportunity to create competitive advantage and head off competitive threats—regardless of the source. You probably recognize this, but, if you are as busy with day-to-day problems as most of us, time to understand the future is hard to find.

That is where TFI comes in. For more than 3 decades, we have assisted a wide range of distinguished clients with consulting, custom forecasts, and education regarding future advances in technology, emerging market needs, and related financial implications. What differentiates TFI is our ability to combine proven methodologies and decades of practical experience. The result is sound, credible projections of the future that reflect reality and imagination. We are your "Bridge to the Future."

Our intention for this web site is two-fold. We want to provide basic information about TFI and its services. We also want to provide knowledge and insights to those of you for whom the future matters -- all of us! Please contact us or the TFI staff with any comments or suggestions to help us further these goals.

Best wishes for the future,

Larry Vanston    John Vanston
President    Chairman

TFI Staff at 25th Anniversary Party
Many of our past and present employees join together for TFI's 25th Anniversary Party (July 23, 2003).