Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals:
17th Edition

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August E. Grant, Ph.D., School of Journalism and Mass Communications , University of South Carolina

Jennifer H. Meadows, Ph.D., Dept. of Media Arts, Design, and Technology, California State University, Chico

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A classic now in its 17th edition, Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals is the single best resource for students and professionals looking to brush up on how these technologies have developed, grown, and converged, as well as what’s in store for the future. It begins by developing the communication technology framework—the history, ecosystem, and structure—then delves into each type of technology, including everything from mass media, to computers and consumer electronics, to networking technologies. Each chapter is written by faculty and industry experts who provide snapshots of the state of each individual field, altogether providing a broad overview of the role communication technologies play in our everyday lives.

Key features:

  • Gives students and professionals the latest information in all areas of communication technology
  • The companion website offers updated information and useful links to related industry resources, and an instructor site provides a sample syllabus and a test bank
  • This edition features new chapters on eSports and Virtual Reality. All chapters have been updated, and chapters on Video Games, Home Video, ebooks, and Computers have been rewritten from scratch to provide a more contemporary discussion.  

Table of Contents [back to top]

I Fundamentals
1 The Communication Technology Ecosystem, August E. Grant, Ph.D.
2 A History of Communication Technologies, Yicheng Zhu, Ph.D. & Mengqi Wang, B.A.
3 Understanding Communication Technologies, Jennifer H. Meadows, Ph.D.
4 The Structure of the Communication Industries, August E. Grant, Ph.D.
5 Regulation and Communication Technologies, Eric P. Robinson, J.D., Ph.D.
II Electronic Mass Media
6 Digital Television & Video, Peter B. Seel, Ph.D.
7 Multichannel Television Services, Paul Driscoll, Ph.D. & Michel Dupagne, Ph.D.
8 Radio & Digital Audio, Heidi D. Blossom, Ph.D.
9 Digital Signage, Jennifer H. Meadows, Ph.D.
10 Cinema Technologies, Michael R. Ogden, Ph.D.
III Computers & Consumer Electronics
11 Computers, Glenda Alvarado, Ph.D.
12 Automotive Telematics, Jeffrey S. Wilkinson, Ph.D. & Angeline J. Taylor, M.S.
13 Virtual and Augmented Reality, Rebecca Ormond, M.F.A.
14 Video Games, Isaac D. Pletcher, M.F.A.
15 Home Video, Matthew J. Haught, Ph.D.
16 Digital Imaging & Photography, Michael Scott Sheerin, M.S.
17 eHealth, Sharon Baldinelli, M.P.H.
18 Esports, Max Grubb, Ph.D.
19 Ebooks, Steven J. Dick, Ph.D.
IV Networking Technologies
20 Telephony, William R. Davie, Ph.D.
21 The Internet, Hsuan Yuan Huang, Ph.D.
22 The Internet of Things, Jeffrey S. Wilkinson, Ph.D.
23 Social Media, Rachel Stuart, Ph.D.
24 Big Data, Tony R. DeMars, Ph.D.
25 Artificial Intelligence, Ching-Hua Chuan, Ph.D.
V Conclusions
26 Other New Technologies, Jennifer H. Meadows, Ph.D.
27 Your Future & Communication Technologies, August E. Grant, Ph.D.

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Visit the Communication Technology Update and Fundamentals Companion Website which provides updated information on the technologies covered in this text, and links to other Internet resources!

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2018, Bound Hard and Soft Cover, 338 pages.

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What Readers Say

"Thorough and up-to-date, yet concise enough to allow students
to quickly grasp the essential elements of a host of interrelated communications

David Gunzerath
Dept. of Communications and Theater Arts,
Old Dominion University

"Communications Technology Update and Fundamentals is the best broad-based book for exposing students to the many subtleties of Information Technology (IT). This work fills a void that once required many texts and sources to fill. Staying knowledgeable and current in IT is like painting a moving train, and this book is a fabulous effort that brings the reader into the present.quot;

Joseph Screnci
School of Communications, Hawaii Pacific University