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MINITRENDS: How Innovators & Entrepreneurs Discover & Profit
From Business & Technology Trends

-The Pinnacle Book Achievement Best Business Book Winner
-An Eric Hoffer Business Book Award Winner
-ForeWord Reviews’ Book of Year Award Finalist
-USA Best Books Award Entrepreneurship & Small Business Finalist Dan -Poynter’s Global Business eBook Award Finalist

Minitrends are emerging trends that promise to become significantly important within the next three to five years, but which are not recognized or appreciated
by the general public or most businesses. This book presents practical, proven techniques for discovering, analyzing, and exploiting attractive Minitrends, together with examples of successful applications of these techniques.

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TFI Technology and Telecom Reports LogoTechnology and Telecom Reports
Technology Futures publishes in-depth research reports providing analyses and forecasts of emerging technologies and markets. These reports are written for decision-makers looking for the competitive edge in specific technology and market areas. The telecom topics include many of the non-traditional telephony products and services from the broadcast, cable, computer, satellite, and wireless industrieds.

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TFI Technology Forecasting GuidesTechnology Forecasting Guides
Technology Futures offers educational publications and monographs on forecasting techniques and methodologies. These methodologies can be used to address practical business problems in technology management, finance, marketing, and strategic planning.

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Written by members of our distinguished staff of experts, these white papers, articles, and complimentary reports provide interesting perspectives on technology and telecom issues, as well as examples of actual forecasting projects.

Communications Technology Update CoverCommunication Technology Update and Fundamentals: 18th Edition
This popular book is an excellent source of information on the latest developments, trends, and issues in communications technology. Now in its 18th edition, it is an indispensable resource for business, government, and academia.

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TFI Technology and Telecom Forecasting Publications ArchiveArchive
Technology Futures' archive includes older and superseded publications that may still be of interest to our visitors, as well as a complete directory of articles from Technology Futures' popular journal, New Telecom Quarterly (NTQ). Published from 1993 through 1998, NTQ's articles still prove to be thought-provoking and informative. Also included is the report series: New Telecommunications Services for Business and Society: 1990-2010.

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