A New Telecommunications World

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White Paper Cover A New Telecommunications World
Lawrence K. Vanston

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The telephone network was built to provide narrowband voice service to essentially every home and office. That world is disappearing. The reasons are many including convergence, competition, broadband, increasing data rates, wireless, and others. This complimentary paper covers these and gives forecasts of the probable telecom future.

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Introduction and Summary
The Dramatic Decline in Narrowband Access Lines
Competition from Cable TV CLECs
Broadband Internet Access
Increasing Data Rates
Forecasts for IP Video
High-Definition Television
Wireless Broadband
Cellular 3G
Internet Voice (VOIP)

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1    Telecom Convergence
2    Convergence of Content
3    Narrowband Access U.S. Industry
4    Residential Narrowband Access Lines Displaced by Wireless, Broadband, or Non-Carrier VoIP
5    U. S. Wireless Subscribers
6    Wireless-Only Market Share
7    Cable Telephony Market Share
8    Broadband Households
9    Adoption of Various Consumer Communications Products and Services
10    U.S. Broadband Households by Nominal Data Rate, (Excludes Cable Modems)
11    Trend in Residential Access Data Rates
12    Adoption of Standard and Very-High-Speed Broadband (U.S.)
13    Minimum Availability of Very-High-Speed Broadband
14    Broadband Households Using Online Video at Least Once a Month
15    Broadband Households Using Online Television at Least Once a Week
16    HDTV Households
17    Internet HDTV Households (U.S.)
18    Wireless Generations
19    Wirless Mobile Broadband
20    Why Mobile WiMAX?

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September 2007, 28 pages

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