Technology Advantage Management (TAM)™

To be successful in today's business environment, an organization must ideally create a highly innovative organization that's market driven and responsive to changing conditions. TFI has designed a model, Technology Advantage Management (TAM)™, to integrate technology, market, and competitive factors so your organization stays on the cutting edge of change and gains the fullest advantage from advances and innovations in technology.

New technologies are examined in light of each of these factors using a two-dimensional, nine-element format called the Technology Advantage Matrix. The use of this "map" allows concurrent analysis of each of these factors in terms of business opportunities, organization goals and objectives, and existing and desired programs, resources, and culture.

Results range from qualitative to highly quantitative depending on objectives, project organization, and nature of use. The technique is typically used to define strategies, to optimize resource allocation, and to guide cultural change. TFI has used the TAM method in a variety of types of organizations, business size, and maturity with much success.

If you believe that TAM™ might be of interest to your organization in seizing competitive advantage, please contact us.