TFI Communications Technology Asset Valuation Conference


Donald Jackson 

Property Tax Assessment, Appeal and Audit Review, DuCharme, McMillen & Associates

TFI Conference Speaker: Donald Jackson, Property Tax Assessment, Appeal and Audit Review, DuCharme, McMillen & Associates

Don joined DMA in December 2011 providing property tax client services. He brought over 35 years of experience working in the taxation arena with 25 years directly related to property taxes. He has a comprehensive knowledge of state utility property tax appraisal and assessment methods and practices.
DMA client services have included valuation reviews and reductions for telecommunication, cable, gas & electric, natural gas storage, and water companies. He has also represented these companies on tax appeals where supportable reductions were obtained.

Don has assisted clients with audit determination reviews and reductions. He takes a proactive approach in working with the company and auditor to resolve issues at the lowest level.

Some of his more specific knowledge and abilities include:

• Review and analysis of assets including determining appropriate assessment cost trends and service lives. 
• A detailed knowledge of the proper methods for determining obsolescence. 
• Determination of proper classification of software and intangible assets.
• Determination of appropriate income capitalization approaches consistent with the use of revenue and expense projections.
• Providing property tax training both external and in house.

Prior to joining DMA, Don worked for the California State Board of Equalization for 33 plus years. Those included 23 years’ experience with the State-Assessed Properties Division where most recently he served as the Principal Property Appraiser and Supervising Property Appraiser, managing the property tax valuation and statement filings of hundreds of public utilities. He also managed the completion of appraisals, appeals and audits along with a staff of senior and associate auditors/appraisers. In addition, he provided expertise for property tax litigation and appeals.

Prior to Don's work in the property tax arena, he was a Tax Auditor for the Board, where he performed sales tax and environmental tax audits.