2019 TFI Technology Conference


James Stegeman 

President, CostQuest Associates

TFI Conference Speaker: James Stegeman, President, CostQuest Associates

Mr. James Stegeman is the President of CostQuest Associates, Inc. He formed CostQuest Associates, Inc. in 1999. Prior to CostQuest, Mr. Stegeman worked in a variety of positions at INDETEC International, the last of which was Executive Vice-President. Prior to INDETEC, he spent 7 years in a variety of Financial and Regulatory management positions with Cincinnati Bell Telephone.

Mr. Stegeman has been a major force behind the development of the latest generation economic models used by wireline and wireless companies and state and government agencies in support of broadband deployment analysis, valuation, and UNE (Unbundled Network Element) and USF (Universal Service Fund) proceedings. He led the design and development of the CostPro model designed to support USO and UNE costing and tax valuation efforts. CostPro has been approved/used by multiple state commissions and tax entities and is in use by multiple carriers with operations in over 35 states. This model incorporates geocoded customer locations, road networks, engineering rules, and unique algorithms to design a truly forward-looking communications network.

In addition to his U.S. network model experience, Mr. Stegeman has also designed the Universal Service Cost model adopted for use in Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

In concert with his experience in building network models, Mr. Stegeman has been retained as an expert witness in various regulatory proceedings around the world to attest to the validity of economic models for supporting Tax, UNE and USF costing.

Mr. Stegeman is also well aware of costing and costing methods and their application to business needs. He has designed, coded and implemented various business case, product profitability and customer profitability models in use throughout the world. This approach brings the economic costs into real world businesses decisions by joining the cost information with the product demand and revenues.