Forecasts for Broadband Communications: An Analyst Paper by Technology Futures, Inc.

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We expect broadband to continue to be adopted at a rapid rate, and ultimately, reach levels of penetration comparable to other popular consumer electronics. Higher broadband speeds will also increase dramatically. This paper provides TFI analyses and forecasts for the growth of residential broadband and higher broadband speeds.

Material in this paper is adapted from TFI's report Forecasts for Higher Bandwidth Broadband Services, sponsored by TTFG.

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This paper would be of interest to the following organizations:
Cable Companies
Wireless Broadband Providers
Equipment Manufacturers
Content Providers
Municipal Broadband Providers
Utility Broadband Providers
Internet Service Providers
This paper would be of interest to those involved in:
Strategic Planning
Network Planning
Technology Planning
Market Development
Regulatory / Tax / Legal
Depreciation and Assessment

Table of Contents  [back to top]

Status and Forecast for Broadband Access
Drivers for Higher Bandwidth
Forecast of Households with Very-High-Speed Broadband Access
Forecasts for Broadband Video

List of Exhibits  [back to top]

  1. Forecast Broadband Households, Percentage of Households
  2. Adoption of Various Consumer Communications Products and Services
  3. Broadband Households in the United States and South Korea
  4. Forecast of HDTV Households
  5. Broadband Households by Nominal Data Rate, Percentage of Households
  6. Trend in Residential Access Data Rates
  7. Forecast Adoption of Standard and Very-High-Speed Broadband, Percentage of Households
  8. TF Forecast of U.S. Households using IP Video
  9. Provisional Forecast of U.S. Households Using High-Definition IP Video
  10. Comparison of High Definition IP Video and 24 Mb/s Broadband Bandwidth Forecasts

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December 2005, 12 pages

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