Biotechnology: A Guide to Business and Workplace Development

by: John H. Vanston, Ph.D. & Henry Elliott, M.S.

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Biotechnology: A Guide to Business and Workplace Development


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A must-have report for individuals and small and medium-sized businesses interested in entering or expanding activities in the biotechnology industry. The report gives a detailed overview and analysis of employment opportunities, drivers for success, funding sources, potential buyers and sellers, and research and commercialization opportunities. It includes direct input from experts currently working in the biotech area.

Who should read this report?  [back to top]

  • Small and medium-sized companies, as well as states, communities, associations, and institutions, that have the potential and desire to become significant biotech players
  • Start-up businesses and those seeking to take advantage of special developments in the biotech field.
  • Individuals who are charged with and have the capability of performing skilled tasks requiring special training and/or workplace experience, and are seeking interesting, challenging, and meaningful employment. (This may range from two years of post-high school training or equivalent job experience to bachelor degrees from four-year colleges to higher degrees.)

What you will gain  [back to top]

  • Fundamentals of biotechnology, as well as most recent advances.
  • Current and potential applications of biotechnology
  • Structure of the biotech industry
  • Business and technology forces driving and constraining growth in the biotech industries
  • Funding requirements and sources for biotech companies during phases of the development process
  • How small and medium biotech companies can effectively interact with large pharmaceutical companies
  • Detailed analysis of the four most promising areas of biotech, i.e., bioinformatics, bioinstrumentation, DNA and human health, and bioagriculture
  • Understanding of gene expressional at the geonomic, transcriptomic, proteonics, and metabolotics levels
  • Current and future employment opportunities in biotechnology, including considerations of initial pay, promotion opportunities, employment security, and job security
  • Identification and analysis of the most attractive employment opportunities in biotech
  • General and special skills and abilities necessary for employment in biotechnology
  • Analysis of education and training opportunities for biotechnicians
  • Current and future market opportunities in biotech
  • Analysis of the most important biotech companies and institutions in the United States and in other countries
  • Insights of more than thirty biotech experts from industry, government, academic institutions, and research organizations
  • How important biotech innovations proceed from laboratory demonstration to commercialization
  • How small and medium biotech companies can effectively protect their intellectual property
  • Requirements for business success in the biotech arena, including infrastructure and personnel
  • Lessons learned by a wide assortment of biotech companies
  • Implications and impact of biotech convergence with nanotechnology, medical technology, and computer technology
  • A listing of the most current and important biotech references.
  • Projections of probable developments in the near, mid-term, and long range futures

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Executive Summary
Chapter 1: Biotech Basics
Chapter 2: Special Biotech Fields
Chapter 3: Employment Opportunities for Biotechnologists
Chapter 4: Lessons for Emerging Biotech Entities
Chapter 5: The Future of Biotechnology
Appendix A: Biotech Experts Consulted
Appendix B: Biotech Experts Meeting
Appendix C: References

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Importance of Various Factors to Biotech Company Success

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April 2006, 108 pages, ISBN 1-884154-27-1

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