Happy Holidays from TFI!

Since TFI's 1978 founding, we've designed our own holiday verse and design reflecting a current trend or event. This year our offshoot, The Alligator Wrangler, and our non-profit, Art 84
joined the fun! TFI Founder, John Vanston, writes the verse and Creative Director, Helen Mary V Marek designs the card. This year's subject is Zoom gatherings!

We are looking forward to a great New Year and hope to see you at our 16th Annual TFI Technology Conference (virtual in 2021) on Jan. 21-22, 2021.

Enjoy! And have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year from all of us to you and yours!

TFI Team: John Vanston, Larry Vanston, Carrie Vanston, Helen Mary Marek, Ray Hodges

Verse by John H. Vanston. Design & image compilation by Helen Mary V. Marek 
Card theme advisors: Carrie Vanston & Larry Vanston 
Copyright © 2020 Technology Futures. Photos by HMV Marek. Holiday Accents by Vital Imagery. 


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