Happy Holidays from TFI!

For 43 years, we at Technology Futures, Inc. have designed our own holiday cards reflecting a current event or trend. This year we focus on the possibilities for civilian space travel as a great example of human imagination and technological ingenuity.

Founder, John Vanston, writes the verses and Creative Director, Helen Mary V Marek designs the card around the theme.

TFI is involved in a number of activities including our continued work in communications forecasting and valuation, CTFG,  and our annual January TFI Technology Conference (virtual in 2022). We also have some associated projects including CarrieVanston's Leadership Mindset Success, and our non-profits TFI-Projects and Art 84


We are looking forward to a great New Year and hope to see you at our 17th Annual TFI Technology Conference (virtual in 2022) on Jan. 20-21, 2021.

Enjoy! And have a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year from all of us to you and yours!

TFI Team (L-R from top): Larry Vanston, Helen Mary Marek, Ray HodgesJohn Vanston,, Carrie Vanston

Verse by John H. Vanston. Design by HMV Marek. Images: NASA and Vital Imagery. 
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